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13 Angry Scorpions

Heavy Hitters

Heavy Hitters

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The Heavy Hitters are kicking in your door and coming in swinging!!  With a deranged mix of spice levels and flavours, our newest hot sauce pack will not disappoint even the most discerning chilli head!

Featured Sauces ;

Carnival of Carnage - This fruity Reaper sauce, brings blueberries, pear and citrus from fresh orange juice! 

Contraband - Moruga Scorpions, pineapple, avocado oil and mustard make Contraband a tangy, spicy as hell experience that you are going to absolutely love! 

Jekyll & Hyde This is our flagship sauce, and what a sauce it is. Jekyll & Hyde is a barbecue style hot sauce and it has won all of the biggest hot sauce competitions across the USA, from Texas to Louisiana.

The Notorious H . A . B With mango, carrot and ginger The Notorious H . A . B just pops with flavour. Tangy with a layer of sweetness, this sauce is a must for hot wings, pizza, tacos or hot dogs.

Bloodhound - Sweet, earthy,  thick and tangy this Kansas City style bbq sauce recently won the bronze medal at the NYC Hot Sauce Awards in Brooklyn, New York. Bloodhound is such a moreish 

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