Our Story

We have always had a passion for good food & great tasting hot sauce, growing chilli peppers and making hot sauce was my favourite pastime, every weekend was a good excuse to barbecue and trial one of my new sauce recipes.


Then in November of 2013 at the age of 31, everything came crashing down when I suffered a life changing spinal injury, my son was just six months old, our lives as we knew them and a successful career came to an end. After years of hospital stays and intense physical and mental rehabilitation we started to try and rebuild our lives, it was on that journey, that 13 Angry Scorpions was born. In 2017 we started using my personal hot sauce recipes to develop our new range of sauces and our unique chilli pepper aging process where, not unlike a fine whiskey, we seal them in a vat for 24 months blended with distilled vinegar - this technique creates an unrivaled, deep yet mellow flavour profile. We then combine the freshest local ingredients to meticulously hand-craft our range of premium, flavour focused, international award winning sauces. 



We're a small family business & we love what we do, so we will never create sauce that we wouldn’t eat at home with our friends & family.