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13 Angry Scorpions

Hand Grenade - Pure Scorpion 85%⚠️ 50mL

Hand Grenade - Pure Scorpion 85%⚠️ 50mL

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Have you ever wondered how we get our perfect balance of flavour and heat?


We mashed our Queensland grown Scorpion peppers in distilled vinegar with a touch of Australian sea salt, then locked them away for over two years in our aging vats. After the 24 months had past, the aging process has matured the mash to produce an unrivalled flavour profile, and at 1,000,000 SCHU it’s an absoloutly insane level of heat. Each little hand grenade contains 50mL of our 24 month Vat-aged 85% Scorpion mash, use it in your cooking to up the ante, spread it on a steak, a toasty, over the top of nacho's or just dip your hot chips or dumplings  in it - even use it as a base to create your own hot sauce! The list of food pairings for this little hand grenade of flavour is absolutely endless and the heat extreme, so put on your big boy pants, Cowboy the fk up and get some!

Ingredients; Moruga Scorpion (85%), distilled vinegar, sea salt

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